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Cooper and Wells-Barnett Summary

Cooper and wells barnett explore and study specific

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Unformatted text preview: e’s domination because it’s wrong. Instead of seeing difference and power producing domination, they see an alternative, which is equilibrium. So no one is dominated. They address specific oppressive issues of their time such as Jim Crow segregation laws, misrepresentation of African Americans in white media and culture, and a variety of other oppressive rules and laws. In this third theory, they address domination, a system of oppression and privilege, being patterned by five factors: history, ideology, material resources, and passion. Cooper and Wells- Barnett explore and study specific historical events, in hope to analyze certain patterns of domination, such as studying pre- Civil War, Civil War, Reconstruction, and post- Reconstruction, in which they then compare the aspects of domination during that period. They also address ideologies that are built on the foundations of domination, which leads to the subordination...
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