Cooper and Wells-Barnett Summary

They expose the inconsistencies and racism in white

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Unformatted text preview: ilar laws. Simply, they provide a social analysis to witness to what is actually happen. Furthermore, they continue on to exposing the oppressor by describing how the oppressors see how the injustices they impose on the African American race. They expose the inconsistencies and racism in white data, and how in white American literature, whites appear ignorant of their subjects and have a desire to cause harm. For example, much of their work exposes the unfair lynches of blacks that have been accused and murdered for charges that couldn’t be proven. In the second theory, they address and analyze the issues of difference and power, and that they recognize that domination is a product of differences in society, such as race, class, gender, geopolitical location, etc. They both recognize society can either approach this difference either with domination or equilibrium. For Cooper and Wells- Barnett, there is a desire to appeal in a moral sense, so she critiqu...
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