South African History Notes 2

South African History Notes 2

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Unformatted text preview: ke; the Black miners lived in single-sex compounds • Aprprenticeship Act (1922) gave educational opportunities to Whites but not Blacks • Natives Land Act (1913) limited Black land ownership to demarcated reserves (about 7% of country; by 1939 11.7%); Cultural History Hist. 335 Reg Codrington Class Notes 2 badly served by railways, roads or utilities; led to migrants labor on mines, farms and in cities • Pass Laws (from British era) made it obligatory for Blacks to carry a permit to enter White areas Significant legislation • Urban Areas Act (1924) established “locations” outside all towns to make them “White-by-night” • In Durban and Pietermaritzburg, Whites and Indians lived and worked closely together • In Cape Town, Whites and colored lived alongside, District 6 • Status of the Union Act (1934) Remove British control • Natives Representation Act (1934) gave blacks representation through 3 whites; moderate blacks still tried to use these means to improve their lot Income disparitis 1946 • Whitse to Blacks — 10:1 • Whites to Indians — 6:1 • Whites to Colored _ 5:1 Rising opposition • African Mineworkers Union strike on the Witwatersrand in August 1946 • Witwatersrand University White academics pressed for change, alongside the Institute for Race relations • In 1947, the British withdrew from India, which moved to focus to South Africa The 1948 election • National Party used the link between Britain and Russia (WWII) to persuade the electorate that they needed to distance themselves from the “Rooigevaar” (Red Danger of communism • The National Party, under DF Malan, beat the United party, under Smuts, by a narrow margin to assume p...
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