South African History Notes 2

To represent them in parliament 1961 the np obtained

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Unformatted text preview: ower with an Afrikaans agenda Entrenchment of Apartheid • “Separate development” —Acts 17:26 • In 1956, Coloreds placed on a separate roll and were only able to elect Whites to represent them in parliament • 1961, the NP obtained a narrow majority in a referendum and broke with Britain to become a republic; it also withdrew from the Common wealth • From 11966, NP attracts English-speaking Whites, who were nervous of Black political aspirations Cultural History Hist. 335 Reg Codrington Class Notes 2 • Criticism of South African policies by overseas countries initially led to further entrenchment, rather than reformation • A strong economy from 1955 to 65 enriched Whites and made subsidies of Afrikaners farmers possible Key figures • Hendrik Verwoerd — architecht of apartheid (see Thompson p 190) and Prime Minister from 1958 until Sept. 6, 1966 when he was assassinated in Parliament • B J Vorster — Minister of Justice in Verwoerd’s cabinet, he was Prime Minister from 66 – 78 Further Legislation • Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act (49) • Immorality Act (50) — no sex • Population Registration Act (50) — categorize race • Group Areas Act (50) — legalized force removal to establish “Whites-only areas • Suppression of Communism Act (50) — anybody caught supporting communism could be banned • Reservation of Separate Amenities Act (53) — separate and unequal facilities for different race groups legal • Bantu Edu. Act (53) — gov’t took black edu. Away from missionaries; gave grossly inferior facilities to those of White children • Bantu Homelands Constitution Act (71) — establishing “independent” Homelands, which gave Whites the “majority” in SA...
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