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Langa Township Cultural Reflection 2

In 1923 the urban areas act was in place and forced

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Unformatted text preview: oldest township and was created in the 1920’s. During the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 black South Africans were identified as health risks and relocated to the area of Langa. Later on Langa helped serve male workers from the areas of Transkei and Ciskei. In 1923 the Urban Areas Act was in place and forced Africans to live in certain locations. Langa was specifically designed as a township and this allowed maximum visibility of residents by the authorities, which in turn brought about strict control. Langa housing is very close to each other and helped create a closer community. When we were walking in the closely packed apartments I saw first hand how extreme the living conditions are there. Education is highly valued in Langa so primary schools were set up, but because of resistance by authorities secondary schools were not built until 1937. Sports are also highly important in this township and Langa High school’s rugby team is a big part of the community’s pride. Through seeing the Lov...
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