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Building communities from the inside out building

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Unformatted text preview: comes verbalism. Without word, it becomes activism. They are useless in dialogue. Dialogue allows us to achieve significance as human beings. Another crucial component to dialogue is love, which is commitment to others. Along with that, effective dialogue consists of humility, faith in people, trust, hope, and critical thinking. Tangibly, critical thinking is necessary to engage liberation. Another component is authentic revolution/education, which allows the people to engage in the real situation, instead of an ideal model. Generative themes are also essential because it allows students to generate relevant, interesting, and didactic class discussions. Finally, for Freire, a thematic investigation provides the people with a method of observing and learning within their context, and many other things. Building Communities from the Inside Out Building Communities from the Inside Out addresses the problems that exist within the community. McKnight’s utilizes the use of a map as a way to approach the rebuilding of broken lives and broken communities. “Needs” map determines how problems are to be addressed, through deficiency- oriented policies and programs. The problem for this is that the developing community acknowledges a problem exists, but they then become dependent for their solutions to their problems. However, an alternative route is more effective: it is a capacity focused development, which is liberation can only take hold from within...
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