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Pedagogy Summary

Pep training was a train the trainer program in which

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Unformatted text preview: certain problem, and then share in the development to solve the problem, then to take action and ultimately solve the problem. Evaluation and Planning at the Grassroots Hutchinson introduces that there is a problem in evaluation of different development projects. The traditional method of evaluation, which is carried out for the sake of the organization, often leads to alienation. A different system of evaluation was sought to ensure better results. Instead of viewing those who play a role in the development projects as “experts,” we recognize those within their own context as “experts.” Development does not start outside; it starts within, “by the people.” They do not just need to be a part of the process, but they must be the central part of the process: their needs and their desires may not align with the developmental project; however, it is about their needs, not the developmental projects desires. Participatory evaluation was instilled as a method to help uncover their own reality and build upon their own understandings. Participation plays an essential role since it leads to...
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