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Pedagogy Summary

The traditional method of evaluation which is carried

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Unformatted text preview: solutions to recurring problems. Youth have a well- connected relationship with each other; they can use these assets to reach out to the misdirected and potential wasted youth. When the young people are firmly connected in the process of community building with local organizations, institutions and concerned individuals, bridges will be built between the local youth and resources outside the community. There are certain groups that seem ineffective or useless, such as the youth, elderly, pregnant teen, artists, disabled, welfare recipients, etc. McKnight shares that every single person in a community is a crucial member. While the elderly are a primary source of wisdom, and can be integrated with the youth, the disabled can share a joyful and encouraging attitude. Along with that, the artist contributes to the development of the cultural life of a community. McKnight then links these assets to the 4- step process to mobilize the different assets of the unique and different personalities of the community. McKnight concludes that “the association,” a group of citizens working together, is the basic organization for empowering individuals and uplifting their capacities. It leads to empowering individuals, building strong communities, creating effective citizens, and making democracy successful. However, to achieve a goal, they must decide on a...
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