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Using capacities to benefit everyone o labels on

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Unformatted text preview: ion, makes people feel confident) §༊ Community skills • The work that people are willing to do §༊ Enterprising interest and experience • Whether person considers starting business; if they are presently engaged in business of any kind • Any moneymaking activity interest • Are there any barriers; factors that could build current business §༊ Personal information o Important advice §༊ Basic purpose to gather information about a specific person in order to help that person contribute to the community §༊ What will be done with the information collected form the person §༊ Connect the person’s skills to community Capacity inventory example Connecting capacity information o Using capacities to benefit everyone o Labels on people: can be dangerous: strong versus weak o Task of community builders is to expand the list of potential gift givers and create methods to connect those gifts to other individuals, local associations and institutions Youth o Foundations, connecting youth; no longer margins o Again, don’t perceive youth with deficiencies o Advantages §༊ Time: have a different schedule than adults §༊ Ideas and creativity §༊ Connection to place: know what happens on daily basis §༊ Dreams and desires §༊ Peer group relationships: connected to one- another (can be misdirected) can be powerful §༊ Family relationships §༊ Credibility as teachers: for other youth §༊ Enthusiasm and energy: haven’t had as many failures o Go through same thing specific to youth, mapping skills o Publi...
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