Molecular biology techniques

Aim sourceofdna steps examplesofapplications

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Unformatted text preview: formation Isolation of clones Screen to isolate cDNA sequences Large scale sequencing (in this case, random picking of many clones, growth of bacteria to obtain enough DNA, and sequencing ‐> Databases 3. Aim: Source of DNA: Steps: Examples of applications: Libraries of cDNA fragments Create a large collection of cDNA fragments cDNA ‐> ligation of DNA fragments in plasmid Bacteria transformation Isolation of clones DNA production (bacteria growth) and sequencing ‐> Databases ‐Analysis of alleles ‐Sequence database to help comparing gene sequences between species ‐Database to help studying gene products and/or “fishing” full length cDNA sequences (e.g. designing primers for PCR, probes for hybridization) 4. Aim: Source of DNA: Steps: Examples of applications: Full length cDNA Crea...
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