It bombs the town on take off with all bombs on board

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Unformatted text preview: ry. It bombs the town. On take off with all bombs on board and a fuel tank containing 1500 kilos of fuel the aircraft weighed 8 tonnes. When it returned from the crusade, there were still 230 tonnes of fuel left. What is the weight of the aircraft when empty?’ '$ (% Source E Children have been deliberately taken away from parents who refused to say they believed in Nazism... Refusing to let your child join the Hitler Youth is regarded as an adequate reason to take the children away from their parents. ) ! &* Source F `Tell me, Fraulein Liselotte, if I may call you Liselotte, you seem so charming, and kind. What happens here? I mean, in general. Naturally, I'm not just talking about the genetic part of it, but . . .' `But you're dying to know how we all go to bed together according to Nazi rules?' she broke in, smiling again. I was rather embarrassed. I must have blushed. 'That isn't quite what I meant. I want to know the routine here.' She became more serious. `All I can tell you is that we live in dormitories of six or twelve beds. The girls who are ... chosen, are moved to another section, which deals with the legal details of the partnership, and of course any births which result from it. Because we must remember that that's what we're all here for,' she ended quietly, looking away. 'A strange thing for your country to ask you to do, don't you agree?' $ % ! # ! '! ! '! , +% ! - % . '! # / 0$ # 1*...
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