Critical Approach to IR - Discussion Notes

Are gendered war and security critical approach allows

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Unformatted text preview: historically and socially constructed §༊ This means they are not simply the foreseeable consequences of the realm of global politics or of human nature o The Frankfurt School o Feminist §༊ Focuses on how key concepts of IR are “gendered” §༊ War and Security - Critical Approach allows for a certain level of optimistic outlook in the IR world – as it rejects Natural Laws and focuses on social constructs, which also means that it assumes solutions are always possible to problems in IR As is the case in USA and other developed countries, Media has a tremendous impact on how Canadians view Canadian FP • This is pertinent to the earlier value vs. interests debate, as Canadians often do not see eye- to- eye with regards to that which is a value and that which is an interest o Important to consider whether the two can...
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