ex225pract1-07 - PRACTICE EXAM # 1 (September 25, '07) MA...

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PRACTICE EXAM # 1 (September 25, ’07)– MA 225 B1 – Emma Previato THE ACTUAL TEST WILL BE SHORTER. THE SAMPLES HERE ARE INTENDED TO GIVE YOU ENOUGH PRACTICE ON EACH TYPE OF QUESTION THAT WILL APPEAR ON THE ACTUAL TEST. Calculators are permitted but should not be necessary. No books or notes are permitted. You will have 80 minutes (12:30–2:00). VERY IMPORTANT: We were granted a larger room. The exam is in COM 101 ( NOT the same room where lectures are held). Please show your work: to get credit, you need to show that you learned the method required by the question. The right answer without work will not earn credit. Please write clearly. It pays to set up your work and write what you know (relevant to the question), even if you do not reach a final answer, partial credit will be given for correct parts. Solutions to the in-class exam will be posted on reserve in the library. Exams will be returned graded at the end of class Tuesday, October 2. TYPE I (1) Find the scalar projection, the vector projection and the orthogonal projection of the vector b = h 1 , 1 , 1 i with respect to the vector a = h- 2 , 1 , - 1 i .
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ex225pract1-07 - PRACTICE EXAM # 1 (September 25, '07) MA...

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