Sept.5 - Steroids: Lipophilic (hydrophobic) compounds with...

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Steroids: Lipophilic (hydrophobic) compounds with 4 rings found in plants and animals 1. Important components of membranes – regulate fluidity 2. Used as hormones - A condensation reaction is used for: making ester linkages in triglycerides Informational molecules Proteins and nucleic acids Amino Acid - Asymmetrical - Almost all biologically active aa are L - 20 aa form the proteins in living organisms - Amino acid functional groups confer chemical properties o Function groups: o Methyl – non-polar, hydrophobic o Hydroxyl – polar o Sulfhydryl – polar o Amino – positively charged o Carboxyl – negatively charged - Amino acids polymerize into proteins by condensation reactions. o Dehydration reaction links amino acid to peptide polymer o Forms peptide bond Four Levels of Protein Structure: Primary Structure: aa sequence Secondary: repeating structure based on interactions in the peptide backbone Tertiary: shape of the molecule due to interactions between R groups. All proteins have these 3 structures.
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Sept.5 - Steroids: Lipophilic (hydrophobic) compounds with...

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