BENG 130 - Winter 2014 - Syllabus

Acid base and group transfer equilibria chapter 6 and

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Unformatted text preview: chapter. Chapter 4: pages 67- 80; solve relevant problems at the end of chapter 4. Lecture 4: Direction of change of state. Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. Work function and free energies. A Molecular view of entropy. Chapter 5: pages 85- 106. Pages 115- 118; solve relevant problems at the end of chapter 5. Lecture 5: Concept of equilibrium and free energies. Free energy dependence on pressure and temperature. Chapter 6: pages 125- 153. Solve equilibrium problems. Lecture 6: More chemical equilibrium. Acid- base and group transfer equilibria. Chapter 6 and supplementary class notes. Solve problems in chemical equilibrium. Lecture 7: Properties of real and ideal fluids. Equations of state for real gases and their applicability. Law of corresponding states. Fugacity and equilibrium constant. Chapter 7: pages 165- 178; solve relevant problems at t...
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