BENG 130 - Winter 2014 - Syllabus

Chapter 1 pages 1 12 also solve some of the problems

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Unformatted text preview: E ACCEPTED. Syllabus and Readings: Lecture 1: Introduction to System/Matter. Defining the State of Matter. Notion of variables, Temperature, Pressure and Volume. Concept of energy of a system and heat, work and other forms of energy associated with changes of state. Chapter 1: pages 1- 12 (also solve some of the problems at the end of the chapter); Chapter 2: pages 17- 27. Lecture 2: Processes and state functions. Equations of State. Concept of internal energy of a system. First law of thermodynamics. Some applications of the first law. Chapter 2: pages 28- 40 (also solve some problems at the end of the chapter). Lecture 3: Molecular view of energies. Chemical reaction processes. Dependence of enthalpy on pressure and temperature. Measurement of heat exchanges by calorimetry. Chapter 3: pages 45- 62; solve relevant problems at the end of the...
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