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Conformity, Deviance, and Crime - Study Questions

Conformity, Deviance, and Crime - Study Questions - Soc...

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Soc 1000 Study Questions Conformity, Deviance & Crime 1. ,GHQWLI\ DQG GHVFULEH WKH ILYH ³PRGHOV´ RI DEQRUPDOLW\ RU GHYLDQFH DV GHVFULEHG LQ FODVV± :KDW LV WKH source of the abnormality? 2. +RZ GRHV WKH ³VRFLDO SDWKRORJ\´ PRGHO YLHZ GHYLDQFH" 3. +RZ GRHV ³FRQIOLFW WKHRU\´ YLHZ GHYLDQFH" 4. ([SODLQ WKH ³IXQFWLRQDOLVW´ YLHZ RI GHYLDQFH" 5. What did Robert Merton have to say about deviance? 6. ([SODLQ 5REHUW 0HUWRQ¶V ³PRGHV RI DGDSWDWLRQ´ PRGHO WKDW H[SODLQHG GHYLDQFH± <RX FDQ XVH D WDEOH LI you like to help you explain this. 7. *LYH H[DPSOHV RI HDFK RI WKHVH PRGHV XVLQJ WKH ³PLGGOH FODVV´ DV DQ H[DPSOH± 8. ([SODLQ &HVDU /RPEURVR¶V LGHDV DERXW WKH VRXUFH RI GHYLDQFH LQ VRFLHW\± :KDW GRHV WKH WHUP ³DWDYLVWLF´ mean? 9. Help me understand what Sheldon was getting at when he talked about how criminality was related to body type.
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