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Unformatted text preview: agents” of socialization. These agents include a. The family b. Schools c. Peer relationships d. The “media” e. Work Keep in mind that we have been talking here Keep in mind that we have been talking here about “primary” socialization of children. Socialization and development occur throughout the lifespan. Erik Erikson believed that there were 8 stages of human development and, unlike Freud, development occurs until death. He also believed that the driving force was NOT sex but, instead, “psychosocial crises” that the individual must resolve. ► Infant Trust vs Mistrust Needs maximum comfort with minimal uncertainty to trust himself/herself, others, and the environment Toddler Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt Works to master physical environment while maintaining self­esteem ► Preschooler Initiative vs Guilt Begins to initiate, not imitate, activities; develops conscience and sexual identity ► School­Age Child Industry vs Inferiority Tries to develop a sense of self­worth by refining skills ► Adolescent Identity vs Role Confusion Tries integrating many roles (child, sibling, student, athlete, worker) into a self­image under role model and peer pressure ► Y...
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