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Lab 9 Handout

But it wont come down as excessively of course el nio

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Unformatted text preview: '' Moore said. ``But it won't come down as excessively.'' Of course, El Niño has kept hurricanes away, too just as FSU professor Jim Elsner said it would. In December, Elsner predicted below-normal activity of six hurricanes, two of them major, for this Atlantic hurricane season. In El Niño years, winds blow in a direction not conducive to hurricane development in the Atlantic. The instability ignites storms, and those storms follow the flow of the jet stream into California, across the southern U.S., and then into the Gulf. There they can be re-energized by the warm water just in time to nail Florida. In March 1993, a jet stream of arctic air dipped into Texas and collided with a low pressure system headed east along the southern jet stream. The collision of cold and warm air energized the low pressure system and touched off what some called the Stor...
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