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But look on the bright if not burned side it could be

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Unformatted text preview: that's for sure. But look on the bright if not burned side: It could be in the upper 90s again. EL NIÑO SHOULD GIVE US A COOL, DAMP AUTUMN. REALLY. BUT NOT THIS WEEK. ``It sounds funny to `cool off' to the upper 80s,'' Rucker said Sunday. ``But I think we will tell a difference.'' Monday, September 22, 1997 Page: 1A Pete Reinwald DEMOCRAT STAFF WRITER Looking ahead, Rucker said, ``we'll have those little up-and-down swings in the temperature for the next month or so.'' We need to revise the seasons - winter, spring, summer, bawl. That brings us back to El Niño, the weather phenomenon that happens every three to five years and turns global weather patterns upside down usually to North Florida's benefit. If you've been expecting a big break from the heat, you might feel like crying. El Niño (``The Child,'' for the Christ child, because Peruvians would notice its effects around Christmas) is a warming of waters off Peru that causes changes in upp...
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