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Itll be a taste of fall for you the weather channel

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Unformatted text preview: eir way down. ``It'll be a taste of fall for you,'' The Weather Channel senior meteorologist Tom Moore said Friday by telephone. ``El Niño's a good dude for Florida, because by getting us this fall and winter extra rain, it kills forest fires,'' O'Brien said. ``El Niño is very disastrous. But for us, it's really quite a good event.'' Fall schmall. Sunday set a record in Tallahassee, with a high of 99 degrees. State meteorologist Andy Devanas said, ``We're not anticipating any severe weather to come out of this.'' WTWC Channel 40's Mike Rucker has predicted that the cold front that brought snow to Montana would stall today just south of here, keeping the cooler temperatures north of Tallahassee. But The Weather Channel's Moore said that the Super Storm of '93, which brought 60 mph winds to Tallahassee and killed 10 people and destroyed 115 80 homes in Taylor County, came during an El...
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