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Those changes result in among other problems severe

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Unformatted text preview: er-level winds. Those changes result in, among other problems, severe drought in Australia and Indonesia and violent rains and floods in Peru and California. ``I thought a cold front was supposed to be coming through,'' Tallahassee attorney John Cooper said Sunday to anybody who had the energy to listen during a break in the Tallahassee Soccer Association's fall adult league. ``This is the El Niño version of a cold front, right?'' Climatologists say this could be the strongest El Niño in 150 years. They say it certainly will be the strongest since the one in 1982-83, which brought catastrophic damage throughout the world, including $1.1 billion in flooding to the Gulf region. Right. But more on that later. Predictions last week of markedly cooler temperatures beginning today were, well, just a front, and a weak one at that. If history is any indication, Tallahassee can count on a wet and cool but not cold f...
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