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Soc Test 1,2,3 Master Copy

A true b false correct answers false 91 according to

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Unformatted text preview: nciple whereby the structures of workplaces are not reflected in the structures of schools. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): False 92. Social stratification has little relationship to skills or abilities. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): True Sociology Test 3 – Master Copy 1. ________ views criminality as the direct result of negative affective states such as frustration, anger and any other adverse emotions. A) Robert Merton B) Cesare Lombroso C) Robert Agnew D) Richard Cloward E) Dorothy Smith Correct Answer(s): C 2. The reaction of a group based on the false or exaggerated perception that some group or behaviour which threatens the wellbeing of society is called _________. A) moral panic B) recidivism C) deviance D) victimization E) none of the above Correct Answer(s): A 3. A new religious movement is known as: A) A movement that supports an informal grouping of people around authoritarian and charismatic leaders. B) A movement that supports secularization and the separation of religion and daily life. C) A movement that supports the belief that spirits inhabit living forms. D) A movement that supports the regular participation in and attendance of religious institutes, such as churches, mosques, and temples. Correct Answer(s): A 4. Dharma is defined as the following: A) The moral responsibilities and guidelines that define an entire way of life. B) The state of spiritual perfection. C) The belief in cause and effect in a person’s life; you reap what you sow. D) An orientation that focuses on tangible world and our own creature comforts and aspirations. E) None of the above. Correct Answer(s):A 5. Which of the following is an ethicalist religion? A) Buddhism. B) Confucianism. C) Taoism. D) All of the above. E) A and C only. Correct Answer(s):D 6. Media scholar Micheal Parenti argues that in capitalists societies, the corporate news media faithfully reflect the dominant class’ ideology in what they choose to cover and in the words they use to describe it – while at the same time giving the impression that they are being fair and objective. This is an example of which sociological perspective? A) Conflict Theory B) Symbolic Interactionist Theory C) Feminist Theory D) Functionalist Theory E)...
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