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Unformatted text preview: influence the ways in which individuals, societies, and cultures perceive and understand their environments. Which idea did McLuhan (1964) NOT believe was a purpose of studying media? A) Going beyond the actual material transmitted by media. B) Making visible that which was invisible. C) Uncovering the underlying messages. D) Studying only the media content itself. E) Believing “the medium is the message.” Correct Answer(s): D 71. Differential association theory was criticized because __________. A) it normalized criminal activity B) it might have been true in the early 1950s, but it is not true today C) it failed to consider the biological factors D) it does not adequately consider links between social structures and criminal behaviour Correct Answer(s): D 72. In contemporary Canadian society, the role of religion in people’s lives is challenged by several factors. Which of the following choices have NO bearing on this challenge, according to the textbook? A) Secularization. B) The continuing patriarchal nature of religion. C) The desire to attract young people who tend to look for a more personal spirituality. D) The introduction of numerous religions into a largely Christian nation. E) All of the above are important. Correct Answer(s): D 73. According to Weber, __________ is the term for religions that seek mastery over the natural world, other people, and the human body. A) other-worldy B) inner-wordly C) asceticism D) religious pluralism E) none of the above Correct Answer(s): C 74. According to Canadian sociologist Harold Innis (1951), every society needs to: A) carefully control what the media is allowed to broadcast. B) transcend problems of space and time. C) control how much the media charge for the content of their products. D) ensure that Canadian content rules are strictly enforced. E) encourage the distribution of a common message across large areas. Correct Answer(s): B 75. is an informal group without defined structure that often emerges around authoritarian and charismatic...
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