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A family income b education level of parents c

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Unformatted text preview: ity Correct Answer(s):C 48. Which of the following is NOT an argument made by Judith Butler? A) Masculine and feminine genders were inevitable. B) Gender cannot be thought of as having some essential basis. C) There is no authentic femininity or masculinity rooted in male and female bodies. D) Gender is what you do at particular times, rather than a universal “who you are”. Correct Answer(s):A 49. _________ is a term that describes a system of rewards based on personal attributes and demonstrated abilities. A) Socioeconomic status B) Classism C) Meritocracy D) Job deskilling E) A and C. Correct Answer(s):C 50. The following experiences are examples of a "chilly climate" EXCEPT for which statement? A) Teachers call on male students often even when female students have their hands raised. B) Teachers engage more with male students during classroom interactions. C) The work of female faculty is devalued. D) Violence against women is strictly punished. Correct Answer(s):D 51. According to functionalists, men fulfill a(n) ______ role while women are positioned as fulfilling a(n) _________ role. A) masculine; feminine B) dominant; supportive C) instrumental; expressive D) hegemonic; emphasized Correct Answer(s):C 52. According to Freud, ______ is comprised of an individual’s biological drives and impulses. A) id B) ego C) superego D) none of the above Correct Answer(s):A 53. Who was interested in how inequality is reproduced in culture and how aspects of culture contribute to its reproduction? A) Dorothy Smith B) Pierre Bourdieu C) Sandra Acker D) Karl Marx Correct Answer(s):B 54. A young woman who grows up in a poor family, wins a scholarship to university, and becomes a successful lawyer is an example of which type of mobility? A) intergenerational B) intermediary C) intragenerational D) post-generational Correct Answer(s):C 55. The universality of women's wage discrimination is known as the A) double ghetto. B) pink ghetto. C) feminization of poverty. D) femininity of poverty. Correct Answer(s):C 56. A person who was born female b...
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