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According to the text when considering the

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Unformatted text preview: ing to the text, when considering the differences between cultures, researchers consider _______ to be the key identifier of cultural boundaries. A) social customs and traditions B) geographic location C) skin colour or pigment D) language E) none of the above Correct Answer(s):D 51. According to C.W. Mills, by employing their sociological imaginations, people can come to understand that: A) when viewed properly, the reasons why things happen become black and white. B) there is a dynamic relationship between individual lives and larger society. C) as individuals, we are the product of many social forces. D) all of the above. E) B and C only. Correct Answer(s):E 52. Norms that are generally understood but not precisely recorded are known as: A) Mores B) Sanctions C) Informal norms D) Formal norms Correct Answer(s):C 53. Culture lag is: A) A period of maladjustment during which the nonmaterial culture relinquishes its quest to adapt new material conditions B) The viewing of people's behaviour from the perspective of their own culture C) The physical or technological aspects of our daily lives D) A period of maladjustment during which the nonmaterial culture is still adapting to new material conditions Correct Answer(s):D 54. Which of the following is the best description of the sociological perspective. A) a foundation of sociological theory B) the unique way that sociologists view the world and the relations within it C) an interest in the cogitive and emotional devleopment of individuals D) an intense focus on mircosociology Correct Answer(s):B 55. The study of past cultures, preindustrial societies that continue today and the origins of men and women are attributed to which orientation in the social sciences? A) Sociology B) Anthropology C) Economics D) History Correct Answer(s):B 56. Researchers who use deductive logic move from to A) data; theory B) theory: data C) qualitative: quantitative D) quantitative: qualitative Correct Answer(s):B 57. An example of a positive, formal sanction is a: A) Salary bonus B) Demotion C) Smile D) Frown Correct Answer(s):A 58. All fem...
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