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All feminist theories share a an a focus on the

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Unformatted text preview: inist theories share a (an) A) Focus on the family B) Ideal of the perfect woman C) Advocacy for social change D) Single history Correct Answer(s):C 59. Folkways refer to A) standards by which people define what is desirable, acceptable or unacceptable. B) culturally defined rules that outline appropriate behaviours for a society's members. C) informal norms that do not inspire severe moral condemnation. D) something that is formalized under the law. Correct Answer(s):C 60. Which of the following is the best definition for ascribed status. A) The status of a person has been gained through personal attributes and qualities. B) A person has been assigned advantage or disadvantage through simply being born. C) People should strive to achieve the most that they can in life. D) People are judged on the basis of social factors alone, such as wealth and education. Correct Answer(s):B 61. According to Mead, human behaviour is virtually always the product of A) competition for scarce resources. B) biology and culture. C) interaction with others. D) human instincts. Correct Answer(s):C 62. Gramsci argued that civil society is important in establishing the culture and morality of the ruling class. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s):True 63. The terms “self-fulfilling prophecy” and “formal sociology” were both coined by Charles H. Cooley. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s):False 64. Which does not apply to Anti-positivism? A) Subjective reality exists. B) Research is not value free. C) Qualitative research. D) Knowable singular reality exists. Correct Answer(s): D 65. Functionalism is associated with all of the following beliefs EXCEPT: A) society is similar to an organism B) religious beliefs bind people together C) collective conscience D) society cannot change Correct Answer(s): D 66. Symbolic Interactionism emphasizes that: A) power lies at the core of all social relationships and is unequally divided. B) those who are powerful in a society maintain their control of society through dominant ideology. C) society...
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