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B marxism c functionalism d conflict theory correct

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Unformatted text preview: ion. B) Marxism. C) Functionalism. D) Conflict theory. Correct Answer(s):A 9. Which theorist did NOT make important contributions to Symbolic Interactionist theory?: A) Max Weber B) Talcott Parsons C) George Herbert Mead D) Charles H. Cooley Correct Answer(s):B 10. The following are all defining features of Canadian sociology EXCEPT: A) its ability to survive over time B) its interest in the political economy C) its greater focus on microsociology D) its greater focus on feminists ideas and perspectives E) all are defining features of Canadian sociology Correct Answer(s):C 11. Who named Symbolic Interactionism A) Herbert Blumer. B) Karl Marx. C) Charles Horton Cooley. D) George Herbert Mead. Correct Answer(s):A 12. Which of the following is a micro theorist? A) Karl Marx. B) George Herbert Mead. C) Emile Durkheim. D) Max Weber. Correct Answer(s):B 13. What is true of qualitative research? A) Researchers remain removed from the interview process. B) Researchers give participants paper and pencil surveys. C) Researchers make observations about body language, feelings and moods of participants. D) A and C only. Correct Answer(s):C 14. Who coined the term global village? A) Marshall McLuhan. B) Anthoney Giddens. C) Antonio Gramsci. D) Herbert Spencer. Correct Answer(s):A 15. What term was NOT developed in classical sociological theories? A) The natural state B) The social contract C) Tabula rasa D) The global village Correct Answer(s):D 16. What factor do you need to consider most in determining which approach to adopt in social research? A) Research questions B) Research population C) Validity D) Reliability Correct Answer(s):A 17. Discourse refers to ______. A) a socially organized activity among people by Foucault. B) a system of meaning that governs how we think, act, and speak about a particular things or issue by Dorothy Smith. C) a notion that is implicated in relations of power and knowledge by Foucault. D) where people live and how their reality is constituted. Correct Answer(s):C 1...
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