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B a self fulfilling prophecy c fateful d

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Unformatted text preview: targets a smaller segment of the audience, it is engaged in a process known as A) demassification. B) specialization. C) niche building. D) countermassification. Correct Answer(s):A 54. The belief that female offenders are treated more leniently by law enforcement officials as a result of the latter's traditional attitude toward women is known as the __________ hypothesis. A) chivalry B) patriarchy C) paternalism D) androcentric Correct Answer(s):A 55. __________ argue that most people share similar goals and values, and that when legitimate avenues to those goals are not accessible, some will resort to deviant methods to achieve them. A) Classical criminologists B) Conflict theorists C) Strain theorists D) Illegitimate opportunity theorists Correct Answer(s):C 56. Which perspective suggests that religion serves an important purpose? A) conflict theory B) symbolic interactionism C) functionalism D) feminism Correct Answer(s):C 57. This general term designates all of those behaviours and actions that generate formal response through control and intervention. A) deviance B) crime C) prosecution D) sanction Correct Answer(s):B 58. Which of the following is not one of the major beliefs that classical criminology developed in relation to? A) People have free will. B) Choosing crime is irrational. C) Fear of punishment can lessen criminal activity. D) Criminal behaviour can be controlled in part through swift delivery of justice. Correct Answer(s):B 59. ______ is the phenomenon whereby women experience higher rates of fear of being victimized even though men are more likely to be victims of crime. A) Moral panic B) Feminist legal theory C) Fear-gender paradox D) Public order crimes Correct Answer(s):C 60. Durkheim refers to the system of shared meanings and worldviews that bind people together as a group's A) collective conscience. B) common sense knowledge. C) unconscious collectivity. D) ethno culture. Correct Answer(s):A 61. This communication device is becoming the most common form of mob...
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