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B pink ghetto c feminization of poverty d femininity

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Unformatted text preview: ut has always felt more comfortable in the role of a boy or man and as an adult chose to undergo hormone treatments would best be described as being A) transgender. B) transvestite. C) transsexual. D) hermaphrodite. Correct Answer(s):C 57. Understood sociologically, our most important and influential agent of socialization is A) mass media B) family C) school D) peer groups Correct Answer(s):B 58. "Students from privileged class backgrounds are more likely to continue to higher levels of schooling than are students from lower social class backgrounds." This statement supports the idea that schools are structured in such a way as to prevent social class mobility. This supports which sociological approach? A) conflict theory B) symbolic interactionism C) functionalism D) feminism Correct Answer(s):A 59. What has been the greatest change in Canada's labour force since the 1960s? A) high numbers of employed and ambitious single women B) high numbers of employed, married women with children C) low numbers of motivated persons willing to do administrative work D) high numbers of women and men motivated to work past the age of 65 Correct Answer(s):B 60. Persons who live as the gender they identify as being, with or without sex reassignment procedures, are known as A) androgynous. B) transsexual. C) intersexed. D) transgendered. Correct Answer(s):D 61. In Canada, elementary and secondary public education is solely the responsibility of the A) Federal Government. B) local parent associations. C) provincial and territorial governments. D) local municipal councils. E) elected local school councils located in each school. Correct Answer(s):C 62. Pierre Bourdieux stated that social and cultural capital A) is produced only by educational institutions. B) can be turned into objectified capital. C) are found in paper credentials. D) can not be learned. E) all of the above Correct Answer(s):B 63. Which of the following is the best definition of emphasized femininity? A) the normative ideal of femininity based...
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