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C anti racism sees race and racism as central to how

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Unformatted text preview: 72. Which of the following theorists argue that children from higher social backgrounds come to school with greater dominant class skills, behaviours, and attitudes, and thus are able to parlay into educational success? A) Michel Foucault. B) Sandra Acker. C) Pierre Bourdieu. D) Talcott Parsons. Correct Answer(s): C 73. According to Freud, id is ________. A) conscious B) rational C) unsocialized D) A and B Correct Answer(s): C 74. Social inequality results from collective decisions about what is important in evaluating a person or group. These subjective assessments of people’s worth are: A) supported by individual capability. B) reviewed every election. C) supported by the dominant ideology. D) objectively measured. E) a and d. Correct Answer(s): C 75. According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, terminally ill people move through a dying process. What is the correct sequence of stages in this process? A) Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance B) Denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance C) Bargaining, anger, denial, depression, acceptance D) None of the above Correct Answer(s): A 76. _________ was concerned with how components of the self worked together as a creative and dynamic force. A) Mead B) Freud C) Erikson D) Cooley Correct Answer(s): A 77. Parents assigning different chores to daughters and sons is an example of A) gender stereotyping. B) gender roles. C) gender. D) gender preparation. Correct Answer(s): A 78. According to Pierre Bourdieux, social and cultural capital A) can be purchased in various amounts by the more wealthy. B) can assist individuals in avoiding scholastic verdicts. C) can assist individuals through an 'old boys' or 'old girls' network. D) can be saved as objectified capital. E) both b and c above Correct Answer(s): E 79. According to Pierre Bourdieu, an effective amount and nature of social and cultural capital can, A) provide students with hope B) make students smarter C) assist students in avoiding educational dead-ends D) ensure gender equality in school outcomes E) None of the above. Correct Answer(s): C 80. This term makes reference to the fact that women disproportionately live in poverty: A) double ghetto B) pin...
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