Soc Test 1,2,3 Master Copy

Soc Test 1,2,3 Master Copy

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Unformatted text preview: and social structures are created by the interactions between people and that these structures can be changed. D) the social world is a dynamic system of interrelated parts. E) none of the above. Correct Answer(s): C 67. Believing that different cultures should be understood on their own terms is called: A) cultural relativism B) humanitarianism C) ethnocentricism D) cultural pluralism E) none of the above Correct Answer(s): A 68. Who was not a Canadian Sociologist? A) John Porter. B) Harold Adams Innis. C) Charles Cooley. D) Herbert Brown Ames. Correct Answer(s): C 69. Qualitative approaches use _____ and _______ as the main techniques of data collection. A) interviewing, survey B) observation, experiments C) interviewing, observation D) survey, experiments Correct Answer(s): C 70. Peter Berger believes that the sociological perspective is the A) ability to understand the dynamic relationship between individual lives and the larger society. B) ability to see the differences between personal troubles and social issues. C) ability to see the strange in the familiar and the general in the particular. D) the systematic study of human interactions. Correct Answer(s): C 71. What may occur when a person becomes acclimated to a new culture and experiences feelings of loneliness? A) cultural relativism B) culture shock C) diffusion D) appreciation Correct Answer(s): B 72. According to C.W. Mills, by employing their sociological imaginations, people can come to understand that: A) when viewed properly, the reasons why things happen become black and white. B) there is a dynamic relationship between individual lives and larger society. C) as individuals, we are the product of many social forces. D) all of the above. E) B and C only. Correct Answer(s): E 73. Macrosociology can best be defined as A) the study of society as a whole. B) applying the sociological perspectives to everyday problems. C) a social movement dedicated to improving the quality of mind of Canadians. D) the study...
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