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Correct answers b 75 is an informal group without

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Unformatted text preview: leaders. A) A new religious movement B) A sect C) A cult D) Mysticism Correct Answer(s): A 76. This approach argues that the media provides a unique and powerful ability to promote common values and beliefs. A) functionalism B) conflict theory C) symbolic interactionism D) feminism Correct Answer(s): A 77. Which of the following groups in Canada experiences the highest incarceration rate? A) urban youth from getto areas in large Canadian cities B) Aboriginal Canadians C) recent immigrants to Canada D) youth who do not complete high school E) none of the above Correct Answer(s): B 78. When sacred symbols are integrated into the broader society regardless of their individual religious affiliations, it is known as A) spiritualism. B) polytheism. C) civil society. D) secular religion. Correct Answer(s): D 79. The view that it is possible to identify features that distinguish criminals from non-criminals and can then prevent, control, and eliminate criminal behaviour is A) positivism. B) biological determinism. C) classical criminology. D) strain theory. Correct Answer(s): B 80. Which perspective suggests that religion is socially constructed and works to control workers? A) conflict theory B) symbolic interactionism C) functionalism D) feminism Correct Answer(s): A 81. Canada's justice system appears to be one of the only ones in the developed world that does not treat racial and ethic minorities unfairly in terms of convictions and incarceration. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): False 82. According to this sociologist, post-modern societies focus on simulation and the creation and interplay of images and signs. A) Baudrillard B) Foucault C) Marx D) Smith Correct Answer(s): A 83. ______________ can be defined as the transmission of messages by a person or group through a device to a large audience. A) Mass media B) Modern media C) Mass communication D) Virtual communication Correct Answer(s): C 84. _______________ suggests that the mass media is a vehicle used by the rich and powerful to control the masses and reinforce their false consciousness. A) Functionalism B) Conflict theory C) Symbolic interactionism D) Feminism Correct Answer(s): B 85. According to Sutherland, the number of messages for and against criminal behaviours leads to criminal activity. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): True 86. According to Canadian sociologist Harold Innis (1951), time-based media can convey messages as far an individual wants to carry them. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): False 87. The terms "crime" and "deviance" can be used interchangeably. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): False...
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