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Correct answers c 80 this term makes reference to the

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Unformatted text preview: k ghetto C) feminization of poverty D) femininity of poverty Correct Answer(s): C 81. Mead's term for the compilation of attributes that we associate with the average member o f society is A) "I." B) "me." C) generalized other. D) looking-glass other. Correct Answer(s): C 82. What reason do most women give for working part-time? A) no university or college degree B) child-rearing and other family responsibilities C) gender-based wage gap D) pressure from their husband Correct Answer(s): B 83. The scientific study of old age and aging is called A) ontology. B) feral analysis. C) morphology. D) gerontology. Correct Answer(s): D 84. Connell identifies the two culturally dominant forms of masculinity and femininity as ____________ masculinity and ______________ femininity. A) violent; passive B) domineering; submissive C) macroscopic; microscopic D) hegemonic; emphasized Correct Answer(s): D 85. According to _____________, society needs to attract the best people to fill important social roles. A) functionalism B) conflict theory C) symbolic interactionism D) feminism Correct Answer(s): A 86. The division of the human population into two distinctive and mutually exclusive categories, such as male and female, is a_______ construction. A) binary B) bipolar C) bipartisan D) bilateral Correct Answer(s): A 87. Bowles and Gintis argue that schools in a capitalist society are structured in such a way as to prevent social class A) solidarity. B) consciousness. C) mobility. D) success. Correct Answer(s): C 88. What tends to be an organizing principle in heterosexual marriages? A) gender B) number of children C) social class D) length of the relationship Correct Answer(s): A 89. In the film “Education as we See it” religious institutions were involved in the schooling process. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): True 90. The political apparatus is responsible for assigning a social economic status (SES) to people in a given population. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): False 91. According to the textbook, the correspondence principle is explained as the pri...
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