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Soc Test 1,2,3 Master Copy

Correct answersc 12 the liberation theory is best

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Unformatted text preview: igous Theory. C) Conflict Theory. D) Feminist Theory. E) Postmodern Theory. Correct Answer(s):C 13. A 44-year-old woman dating a 19-year-old man in contemporary Canada violates a A) taboo. B) norm. C) crime. D) standard. Correct Answer(s):B 14. This general term designates all of those behaviours and actions that generate formal response through control and intervention. A) deviance B) crime C) prosecution D) sanction Correct Answer(s):B 15. This refers to a given society's accepted standards and social expectations. A) social norms B) social laws C) ethno-rules D) formal rules Correct Answer(s): A 16. __________ argue that most people share similar goals and values, and that when legitimate avenues to those goals are not accessible, some will resort to deviant methods to achieve them. A) Classical criminologists B) Conflict theorists C) Strain theorists D) Illegitimate opportunity theorists Correct Answer(s): C 17. Which perspective suggests that religion is an important source of rituals and symbols that help to define people's perceptions of their social world? A) conflict theory B) symbolic interactionism C) functionalism D) feminism Correct Answer(s): B 18. _______________ suggests that the mass media is a vehicle used by the rich and powerful to control the masses and reinforce their false consciousness. A) Functionalism B) Conflict theory C) Symbolic interactionism D) Feminism Correct Answer(s): B 19. When sociologists emphasize the social, geographical, and temporal inequalities associated with access to and use of environmental resources and services, they are drawing attention to the ______ distribution of crime. A) national B) geographic C) ecological D) eco-social Correct Answer(s): C 20. A religion that identifies with a single, all-powerful, all-knowing god is A) monotheistic. B) animistic. C) totemistic. D) nucleotheistic. Correct Answer(s): A 21. ________ refers to a movement by religious fundamentalists who advocate a literal interpretation of the Bib...
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