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Unformatted text preview: Correct Answer(s):C 43. Complete this sentence: _____ define what is right and wrong while _______ help people know how to act in social situations. A) laws, sanctions B) norms, values C) values, norms D) laws, norms Correct Answer(s):C 44. Which of the following propositions of conservative thinking is NOT accurate? A) Social institutions (e.g., education system, legal system) are beneficial to both individuals and society. B) The smallest unit of social analysis is the family. C) Change is a threat to both individuals and society as a whole. D) The individual, not society, is the most important unit of social analysis, and it produces society, not the other way around. Correct Answer(s):D 45. Which statement about subcultures is FALSE? A) Subcultures exist to promote their member's interests. B) Subcultures can be based on race or religion. C) Toronto's "Little Italy" is an example of a subculture. D) Subcultures attempt to promote the beliefs of the whole population. E) Subcultures are of interest to Sociologists. Correct Answer(s):D 46. Which theorist focused largely on power, knowledge, and discourse? A) Dorothy Smith B) Michel Foucault C) Edward Said D) bell hooks Correct Answer(s):B 47. What is true of quantitative research? A) Random samples are often used. B) Surveys are often used. C) In-depth interviews are often used. D) B and C only. E) A and B only. Correct Answer(s):E 48. According to Dorothy Smith, the strategy of using “the everyday world as problematic”: A) begins in the actualities of people’s lives, and addresses the problem of how we are influenced by social relations. B) the world is problematic in general, and thus analysis can commence from any given point. C) claims that the everyday world, as we directly experience it, is a starting point of inquiry. D) both A and C. Correct Answer(s):D 49. bell hooks is NOT a critical figure in _______. A) Black feminist thought B) Anti-racist feminism C) Post-structuralism D) Multicultural feminism Correct Answer(s):C 50. Accord...
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