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D the study of individual or small group dynamics

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Unformatted text preview: of individual or small-group dynamics within a larger society. Correct Answer(s): A 74. Norms refer to A) standards by which people define what is desirable or undesirable, acceptable or unacceptable. B) culturally defined rules that outline appropriate behaviours for a society's members. C) informal rules that do not inspire sever moral condemnation. D) something that is fomalized under the law. Correct Answer(s): B 75. A study that examined the relationship between the number of hours a student studies and the grades earned on an examination amazingly found that those who studied more did better on the exam. In this example, what is the dependent variable? A) grades on the exam B) number of hours studied C) students D) sleeping Correct Answer(s): A 76. In attempting to understand social behaviour sociologists rely on an unusual type of creative thinking. ________ described this kind of thinking as sociological imagination. A) Wright Mills B) Max Weber C) Emile Durkheim D) Karl Marx Correct Answer(s): A 77. Knowing that all cultures have intrinsic worth and should not be judged based on one's own culturespecific values and beliefs best reflects the principles of A) cultural relativisim. B) ethnocentrism. C) culture shock. D) cultural superiority. Correct Answer(s): A 78. When we speak specifically about a group of theorists making pioneering contributions to the “development of a science of human group behaviour”, which of the following academic disciplines is it referring to? A) Sociology B) Philosophy C) Religion D) Anthropology Correct Answer(s): A 79. A tentative statement about a particular relationship- whether between objects, people, or groups of people- that can be tested empiracally is a (an) A) variable. B) hypothetical. C) hypothesis. D) deductive presupposition. Correct Answer(s): C 80. A central concern in the writings of hooks is how black women's idendities have too often been A) erased. B) marginalized. C) ridiculed. D) ignored. Correct Answer(s): A 81....
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