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His belief that peoples perceptions as defined by

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Unformatted text preview: he referred to as the phenomena of __________. A) the homogenization of culture B) cybriety C) demassification D) the hyperreal E) propaganda model Correct Answer(s):D 47. ________ argues criminal law is merely a tool to protect the interests of the affluent and the powerful. A) The conflict theorist B) The strain theorist C) The illegitimate opportunity theorist D) The label theorist E) The feminist theorist Correct Answer(s):A 48. Which of the following is NOT an argument used by strain theorists? A) Most people share similar goals and values. B) When legitimate avenues to goals are not accessible some will resort to deviant methods. C) While some people have inadequate means of attaining success, others who have the means reject societal goals. D) Retreatists are most likely to commit crime. E) Both B and D are not arugments used by strain theorists. Correct Answer(s):D 49. A social landscape in which new communication technologies such as cell phones promote human interaction and contact is referred to by new media researchers as A) digital sociality. B) remote interaction. C) digital dystopia. D) interactive digitality. Correct Answer(s):A 50. Gilles is working on a project that examines how a group of disadvantaged students accomplishes the socially approved goal of receiving a university education through the innovative means of dealing illegal drugs to pay for their soaring tuition fees. He is drawing upon this theory of crime: A) differential association B) strain C) illegitimate opportunity D) labelling Correct Answer(s):B 51. Which of the following countries has the highest incarceration rate in the developed world? A) Russia B) Japan C) South Korea D) The United States of America E) Spain Correct Answer(s):D 52. Conflict theorists call an environment that creates a fertile setting for crime or criminality, such as one with laws privileging certain groups, as A) criminogenic. B) a self-fulfilling prophecy. C) fateful. D) deterministic. Correct Answer(s):A 53. When the mass media...
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