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In canadian society we often formalize norms into a

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Unformatted text preview: r(s):D 27. In Canadian society, we often formalize norms into: A) Folkways B) Mores C) Laws D) Values Correct Answer(s):C 28. Which sociological perspective argues that “television distorts the political process, as candidates with the most money buy exposure to voters and saturate the air with attack commercials”? A) Functionalist perspective B) Conflict perspective C) Interactionist perspective D) Dramaturgical perspective Correct Answer(s):B 29. What do qualitative studies use as the main techniques for data collection? A) surveys and questionaires B) interviews and observations C) questionaires and interviews D) secondary analysis and surveys Correct Answer(s):B 30. The youth survey that we reviewed in class was an example of: A) a pseudo-survey using a best available sample B) a survey using a random, representative sample C) a door to door national survey done by Statistics Canada D) a survey using a random, representative sample from a population of youth from a specific geographic region E) none of the above choices Correct Answer(s):D 31. The discipline of sociology was given its name by the French theorist: A) Émile Durkheim B) Auguste Comte C) Harriet Martineau D) Marcel Marceau Correct Answer(s):B 32. An hypothesis is usually used in which kind of study? A) quantitative B) qualitative C) observatory D) active interviewing Correct Answer(s):A 33. What type of question items do quantitative studies typically use in survey questionnaires? A) unstructured B) semi-structured C) structured D) Quantitative studies do not use questions. Correct Answer(s):C 34. Which of the following statements reflects the views of the functionalist perspective? A) Bilingualism in Canada represents subordinate language minorities seeking opportunities of selfexpression. B) Attacks on bilingualism represent an ethnocentric point of view, which holds that any deviation from the majority language is bad. C) Teaching all new members of a culture the same language serves to unify members of a society. D) Both Bi...
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