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Soc Test 1,2,3 Master Copy - Sociology Test 1 Master Copy 1...

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Sociology Test 1 Master Copy 1. Which term is NOT closely related to the discussion of globalisation?: A) socialism B) global collective consciousness C) poverty D) wealth Correct Answer(s):A 2. Who believes the subject/knower of inquiry is situated in the actualities of one's own living? A) Dorothy Smith B) Gloria Watkins C) Michel Foucault D) Edward Said Correct Answer(s):A 3. Symbolic Interactionism is associated with the following beliefs: Correct Answer(s):A 4. The "liberal humanist assumption" is best explained as: Correct Answer(s):C 5. Modern theorist Antonio Gramsci, best known for his contributions to the concept of hegemony, can be said to be aligned with: Correct Answer(s):A
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6. According to Critical Race theory, racism is: A) endemic in American life. B) institutionalized. C) linked to historical practices. D) none of the above. E) all of the above. Correct Answer(s):E 7. Which of the following is TRUE about systems of reasoning? Correct Answer(s):D 8. Which theoretical perspective would argue that culture results from interaction and collective engagement with our surroundings? Correct Answer(s):A 9. Which theorist did NOT make important contributions to Symbolic Interactionist theory?: Correct Answer(s):B 10. The following are all defining features of Canadian sociology EXCEPT: A) its ability to survive over time B) its interest in the political economy C) its greater focus on microsociology D) its greater focus on feminists ideas and perspectives E) all are defining features of Canadian sociology Correct Answer(s):C
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