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Symbolic interactionists argue that crime is a

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Unformatted text preview: . C) the result of class struggles. D) the result of unequal opportunities. Correct Answer(s): B 31. This medium of communication used a keypad to send short and long electrical pulses through telegraph lines to be received and translated at the other end. A) the phonography B) moving pictures C) the telegraph D) block printing Correct Answer(s): C 32. A sociologist drawing on this theory would emphasize that "no act is inherently deviant." A) differential association B) labelling C) strain D) illegitimate opportunity Correct Answer(s): B 33. Conflict theorists suggest all of the following about religion except A) religion is socially constructed. B) religion is built on economic relationships. C) religion increases feelings of frustration from alienation. D) religion is used to control workers. Correct Answer(s): C 34. According to a recent Statistics Canada survey, Canadians prefer to watch these kinds of television programs. A) comedy and drama B) news and public affairs C) documentary and sports D) comedy and sports Correct Answer(s): A 35. What is the fast-growing religion in the world today? A) secular spirituality B) Christianity C) Islam D) Judaism Correct Answer(s): C 36. The term "profane" is defined as elements of the everyday world that do not inspire or motivate. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): True 37. An agnostic is known as someone who denies the existence of any supernatural beings or forces. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): False 38. According to Sheldon, most delinquent youths were most likely to be mesomorphs. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): True 39. Cloward and Ohlin argued that individuals must be located in a deviant learning environment that gives them the opportunity to learn and perform the skills and abilities needed to commit crimes. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): True 40. A restorationist belief system is a term that explains the attempt to convert members of other belief systems to your own. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s): False 41. Symbolic interactionists view r...
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