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The two mechanisms that aid the shift in social

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Unformatted text preview: 8. The two mechanisms that aid the shift in social relations from local to global contexts are ________. A) Disembedding mechanism and expert system B) Time-space distanciation and symbolic token C) Monetary system and human resources D) Symbolic token and expert system Correct Answer(s):D 19. According to Said, there are three kinds of Orientalism. These are: A) Imaginative, Constitutional, Organizational B) Academic, Organizational, Inventive C) Institutional, Inventive, Constitutional D) Academic, Imaginative, Institutional Correct Answer(s):D 20. According to the text, which Canadian is NOT an important early Canadian sociologist?: A) Annie Marion MacLean B) Harold Adams Innis C) Pierre Trudeau D) Kathleen Herman E) John Porter Correct Answer(s):C 21. What is true about culture? A) Culture is cumulative. B) Culture is shared. C) Culture is human. D) All of the above. E) A and B only. Correct Answer(s):D 22. The argument that scientific knowledge cannot stand outside power relations distinguishes _______ from _______. A) Post-structuralism, Structuralism B) Post-positivism, Positivism C) Western Marxism, Marxism D) Symbolic Interactionism, Functionalism Correct Answer(s):A 23. Using the sociological imagination, rising tuition costs would be best approached in terms of A) private trouble. B) a political problem. C) a social issue. D) economic reality. Correct Answer(s):C 24. In his classic study on obedience, Milgram set out to study the effects of A) authority. B) gender insensitivity. C) power. D) the Protestant work ethic. Correct Answer(s):A 25. When Helleiner bought a trailer, settled into a Traveller "camp", and observed camp life for nine months, she was engaging in what type of social research? A) participant observation B) secondary analysis C) participatory action research D) mixed methods Correct Answer(s):A 26. The systematic study of social behaviour and human groups is known as: A) Psychology B) Political science C) Anthropology D) Sociology Correct Answe...
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