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This is an example of which sociological perspective

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Unformatted text preview: None of the above Correct Answer(s):A 7. According to the text, the future of mass media is likely to entail: A) a continuation of current trends, both negative and positive. B) continuing increases in mobility and access to information. C) the imposition of state censorship and control of its content. D) a decline in the building of online communities. E) A and B Correct Answer(s):E 8. Religious pluralism is known as: A) A system in which many worldly religions exist. B) A system in which many religions coexist and often compete with one another for members. C) A system in which a religious institution and the state have a formalized relationship. D) A system in which religious fundamentalists advocate a literal interpretation of the Bible to promote greater social equality. E) Both A & C. Correct Answer(s):B 9. Why might a feminist theorist view the leniency afforded to women by law enforcement officials as a function of paternalism? A) Although some female offenders are treated leniently, others are treated harshly. B) The chivalry hypothesis does not fit the current society. C) Women who commit violent acts are constructed as victims, bad or mad. D) Women are economically dependent on men or the welfare state. Correct Answer(s):A 10. Which of the following functions of religion within society does NOT coincide with the Functionalist perspective? A) Religion is socially constructed and built upon economic relationships. B) Religion provides social control through the establishment of moral standards of behaviour. C) Religion provides a social service function. D) Religion provides people with a social identity. Correct Answer(s):A 11. A belief system based on conviction that does not require objective evidence to substantiate its claims is known as _________ A) sacred. B) religion. C) faith. D) collective consciousness. Correct Answer(s):C 12. The liberation theory is best supported by which of the following theories? A) Symbolic Interactionist Theory. B) Radical Rel...
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