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Which of the following is the best definition of

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Unformatted text preview: on compliance with women's subordination to men B) a movement that emerged in opposition to feminism C) a feminist movement that contradicts the ideals of femininity D) the over-sexualization of teenaged females Correct Answer(s):A 64. Which sociologist discussed the generalized other? A) Mead B) Cooley C) Erickson D) Freud Correct Answer(s):A 65. Which sociologist attempted to explain how others see us? A) Mead B) Cooley C) Erickson D) Freud Correct Answer(s):B 66. This type of analysis of inequality incorporates the complex relationships between race, gender, ethnicity, and class. A) intersectionality B) multi-dimensionality C) heterogeneity D) blended Correct Answer(s):A 67. In the film “Education as we See it” students were permitted to speak their native language during certain activities. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s):False 68. Hegemonic masculinity is irrevocably tied to homosexuality. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s):False 69. A meritocracy is a society in which the resources are distributed unfairly on the basis of merit. A) True B) False Correct Answer(s):False 70. Which of the following is NOT true of gender relations in society? A) Women and Men are heterogeneous groups. B) Not every society values masculinity more than femininity. C) Gender relations are determined by race and class. D) There are multiple masculinities and femininities in Canada. Correct Answer(s): C 71. Anti-racism and multiculturalism are said to be conceptually distinct, but both have implications for education in a Canadian context. Select the answer that is MOST correct: A) Anti-racism promotes Canada as a culturally diverse space (socially, politically, and in terms of population). B) Multiculturalism is both a political doctrine and an ideology, working to promote sameness of humanity and tolerance of diversity in all facets of Canadian life (socially, politically, and in terms of population). C) Anti-racism sees race and racism as central to how we claim, occupy and defend spaces. D) Both B & C. Correct Answer(s): D...
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