Parsons manifest latent human capital theory symbolic

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Unformatted text preview: and microsociology Conflict theory Feminist theory Religion 02/10/2013 3:38:00 PM MARXIST INFLUENCE Responsible for the neglecting study of religion in sociology Marx worried about the power of religion Happiness by religion was imaginary “the abolition of religion of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness” liberation theology: o Mission of Christianity is to bring justice to the poor and oppressed through political activism RELIGION IN PROFILE Mainstream Christianity: roman Catholicism, protestant, Canada is dominated by Christianity Religious demographic is changing o Due to high immigration rates Peter Beyer multiculturalism in Canada is positive ideal that situates Canada as a progressive nation o Youth immigrants identify as Canadian DEFINITIONS OF RELIGION Émile Durkheim shaped functional definition of religion o Social cohesion: religion as a social or group phenomenon o Society divided the world into sacred and profane o Emphasis on social aspects of religion Robert Bellah civil religion o How society departed from common ideals and the consequences (negative) Naomi Goldensberg/ Talal Asad seperating religion from everyday life is a Christian approach Linda Woodhead sociologists minimize religion o Religion looks like Christians’ opinions of religion Merideth McGuire bracket assumptions about religion ro reavel with sociological imagination o Lived religion: ways to practice religion in everyday lives William James religion is becoming more individual NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS Barker focused on cults and new religious movements Susan Palmer THEORIES OF RELIGION AND SOCIETY Secularization: process by which religion loses its influence o Loses presence in institutions o Jose Casanova conducted a comparative study of religions Secularization theory made up of… 1. Secularization as a religious decline 2. Secularization as a differentiation 3. Secularization as privatization Believing without belonging THE QUIET REVOLUTION Quebec churches empty in 1960’s David Seljak roman catholic church did not give up on Quebec, recreated its public role Greg Baum quiet revolution initiated a gradual process of secularization o Relationship between church and people is complex Bouchard-Taylor report: concerted adjustment RELIGION AND LAW Law mediated the was in which religion can be expressed through practice Religion involves sense of faith and worship Charter of rights and freedoms guarantees religious freedom and equality o Subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law Courts can determine the reasonable limit James Beckford moderate social constructionism o Religion is both a concept and a practice o Shifts throughout time and links between shifts and power relations. Hutterites: small religion in alberta that refuses to have picture taken RELIGION AND GENDER Women make up the bulk of religious congregations Religion is key institutional site of women’s oppression (Goldenberg/Daly) Women excluded from positions of power within church structure Politics and Political Movements 02/10/2013 3:38:00 PM POWER Max Weber: o Defined power as the capacity to realize one’s will despite the resistance of others More money usually means more power o Power of money is socially negotiated. Money only has value because people agree it does Power is relational, not fixed o Dynamic...
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