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Are compounded by racial and ethnic known as

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Unformatted text preview: ing or intersectional analysis GENDER RELATIONS IN SCHOOL, WORK, AND FAMILY School o Gender differences in educational attainment has been salient topic in sociology for several decades o 1960’s and 1970’s, the concern was that classroom experiences highly favoured boys o females make up over 60 per cent of undergraduate and MA o men still dominate doctoral level, but the gap appears to be narrowing o architecture, agriculture, engineering, math, physics, and forestry are still male-dominated Work o Females have a harder time translating educational credentials into dollars when they enter the labour market o Gender segregation in university program contributes to pay imbalances Males earn higher starting salaries Individualization of risk and responsibility has 2 important consequences for men and women in the workplace Personal safety concerns Non-standard work also referred to as McJobs Family o Women in da kitchen making sammitches o Gendered division of domestic labour o Males are increasingly doing more domestic work than in previous decades o More men in Canada today who are stay at home dads Women are primary breadwinners in nearly one-third of Canadian two-earner families o Significant changes in balance of paid and care work NEGOTIATING GENDER IDENTITIES IN A GLOBAL AGE Globalization has affected gender identities Greater exposure to diversity in masculinity and femininity, tendency is towards gender homogeneity Sociologists have noted that there exists a global youth culture Music, fashion and other cultural resources are key tools in identity construction Confronted with global pressures towards homogenization Due to immigration and increased intercultural relationships, many Canadian youths are confronted with multiple ways of doing gender Intersections of age, ethnicity, class and sexuality may create clashes in terms of what is appropriate gendered behaviour Gender hegemony dominate by the one who o Ideological domination by elite others earns more Sexuality 02/10/2013 3:38:00 PM Intersexed bodies have hormonal, anatomical and genetic configurations that do not fit tradition Heteronormativity=heterosexual VANCOUVER HETERONORMATIVE NIGHTSCAPE Mainstream produces, maintains, and reiterated moral contours of heterosexuality Boyd: heterosexuality has been normalized o Compulsory fiction and political institution Indie scene is more open to diverse sexualities SEX AND SPIRITUALITY:EXAMPLES OF CROSS-CULTURAL DIVERSITY AND SOCIAL CHANGE Theosophy: a philosophical system, achieve knowledge through sexual ecstasy o Sacred male and female prostitutes Transgendered seen as possessing spiritual qualities (aboriginal) China: sex was a form of worship that lead to immortality Kama sutra: indian text o Equal balance between men and women o Displayed ritualistic and sacred nature of sexual acts Tantra: psychosomatic training SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF SEX Biomedical/reproductive approach o Anton Van Leeuwenhoek observed sperm o Oscar Hertwig observed egg fertilization o Sexual deviance: acts that do not have reproduction as a possibility or goal Seen as a mental illness o Sigmund Freud healthy personality development depended on stages of psychological and psycosexual development Sexuality as an innate force Needs to be regulated and redirected o Henry Havelock Ellis Demystify sex and challenge sexual norms Social survey approach o Alfred Kinsey challenged the accepted norms Class differences amoung men regarding masturbation, ho...
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