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Norms class differences amoung men regarding

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Unformatted text preview: mosexuality, oral sex, prostitutes, premarital Women,, gender ideologies more important than social class Males do not represent 2 discrete populations of hetero and homo Scale o Fernando Luis Masculinity determined by sexual function and position, not by sex of the partner Laboratory approach o William Masters/Virginia Johnson Observed and documented stages of sexual arousal and orgasmic response Observed masturbation and intercourse Introduced sexual therapy, treatment of sexual dysfunction Ethnographic/Anthropological approach o Margaret Mead studied samoan women that deffered marriage for premarital sex o Clellan Ford/Frank Beach produced anthropological evidence of diversity practices and norms Variation of sex across cultures SOCIOLOGY OF SEX: THEORETICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES Janice Irving sexuality is a broad social domain o Identified themes 1. Denaturalization of sexuality 2. Historiczation of sexuality 3. Study of sexual deviance 4. Destabaliation of sexual categories and identities 5. Theorizing of sexuality DENATURALIZATION o Structural functionalist Kingsely Davis sex as social exchange Prostitution… keeps nuclear family together employs women sexual outlet decline of family and prostitution leads to sexual freedom Davidson/Hoffman sexual fantasies function to help achieve sexual arousal irrespective of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with married women’s sex lives o Conflict Approaches Friedrich Engels Tibal societies, women owned equally by men Outcome of monogamy was bourgeois family Men dominating women “free love” concept (Kollontai/goldman) Higgins/Brown underlying class differences in sexual behaviour Middle class-social influence affects sex drive Working class-biological origins to sex desires Gonzales/ Rolison sexual behaviours and attitude reflect patterns of dominance and inequality o Chicago School Robert Park sex drives are biologically based but shaped by social forces Vice districts and urban environments o Interactionalist Sociology and Sexual Scripts John Gagnon/William Simon fathers of the sociological study of sex If sex plays an important role in shaping human affairs, it is due to society no biology Sexual activities/body parts are not sexual until social meanings are tied Taboos and sexual script Historical Sociology and Sex o Jeffrey Weeks o Leisa Meyer Cultural attitude shift Ability to control reproduction Destabalizing sexual categories o Holly Benkert basis for oppression of women is rooted to sexuality o Dworkin/MacKinnon porn as demeaning and degrading o Queer theory: homosexuality as a strategically situated marginal position from which it may be possible to see new and diverse ways of relating to oneself and others o Green sociology of sexuality glosses over the role of psychodynamic processes and structures Social structures are not internal to individual but occupy somatic/embodied relationship Erotic habitus-generates sexual fantasies that are subjunctive yet embedded into social structure o Sexuality and Ethno-racial diversity Benkert comprehensive conversations about race and sexuality together and separately are taboo Kamela Kempadoo-sexuality treated differently with race Sexual Trafficking o Workers often fleeing poverty, joblessness or social dislocation o Rogby Factors contributing to sex trade International, national, local demographic Social, economic, ethnic environments o Bertone sex trade derived from manifestation of international inequality SEXUAL CITIZE...
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