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Problems associated with institutional completeness

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Unformatted text preview: arities and differences between Canada and the usa o Canadians are more conservative and support tradition New social movements create fresh cultural and social imaginations Ronald Inglehart: culture shift o Manifestations of post-industrial revolution Alberto Melucci: explored contemporary movements in terms of their collective identity o Members are bound together by shared relation or status regardless of real or imagined Charles Taylor: staying power is derived from politics of recognition Frantz Fanon: documented double standards of French society o Hierarchal order by class, cultural and social markers Dominant power holders INSTITUTIONAL PROCESSES Institutions: patterns of behaviour that order peoples lives in predictable ways o Informal and flexible group of friends o Formal schools, business associations, the state o Shape social interactions by exhibiting inertia and path dependence Stable and require concerted effort to modify Affect decision making in the future, encourage people to proceed down certain paths Theda Skocpol Institutionalist o Traced revolution in china, france and Russia Michael Mann: elaborated on capacity of the state institutions to shape power relations Political processes: ebbs and flows of different sources of power o Political process theory pays attention to the interactions of political opportunities of mobilizing structures and conceptual frames of issues and grievances TRANSNATIONALISM Malcolm Waters: globalization as a social process in which the traditional constraints have receded and been replaces by processes that extend beyond state boundaries Export processing zones o Circumvent the abilities of workers to unionize and challenge power holders NAFTA: displays that actions that structure peoples lives are becoming more homogeneous Difference between globalization and transnationalism is the scale of the process o 10/2/2013 3:38:00 PM...
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