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Unformatted text preview: Tagging certain dates in a time period when rooms have to be sold at a certain rate and/or certain number of minimum room rental nights 21 Automated Systems and Procedures Automated Systems and Procedures Importance of using computers and standard operating procedures when using yield management Importance of training to use a yield management system 22 Channel Management Channel Management Reservation Channels: Central Reservations GDS Third­party reservation system Toll­free phone reservation Travel Agent Social Networking Managing the Channels Rebecca Oliver’s article – pp. 176­177 Advanced systems to manage central reservations offices and electronic reservation channels available That now combines the maximization of yield with a revenue management system which is connected to a PMS 23 Channel Management cont’d. Channel Management cont’d. EZ Yield is a channel management solution that lets users effectively monitor and manage inventory for third­party websites at the touch of a button. But what makes EZ Yield particularly unique is that it's the only proven system in the world where users...
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