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Unformatted text preview: ns (MaximRMS) RevenueDASHBOARD™ OPERA Revenue Management NORTHWIND­Maestro PMS 10 Revenue Manager Revenue Manager Reports to general manager Works closely with marketing and sales department Consults with front office manager Job duties – refer to job listing (p. 171) 11 Revenue Manager cont’d. Revenue Manager cont’d. In a study focusing on professional issues of revenue managers, conducted by Jeffrey Beck (2007), Among the questions asked in the survey were: concepts such as software, career path, commitment to organization, allocation of time, and activities for success were queried. Results indicated 55% of respondents expect to be in their current positions within the next two years. The survey delved deep into time spent on specific revenue management activities per week, from managing inventory, developing offers and forecasting the property’s room revenues to evaluation of revenue management activities, customer relationship management and interacting with other managers regarding revenue management activities. 8 12 Components of Revenue Management Components of Revenue Management if Yield – the percentage of income that could b...
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